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If you choose to buy a domain name and mask it to your Mini-OL website, you can add your website to the world wide list. (A domain name costs as little as $7 per year at or GoDaddy. You may use any registrar you please). When you do this it will appear on all other Mini-Ol websites world wide. Each Mini-OL website has a link under the advertise section that shows all domain names of all Mini-Ol websites. Many like to go through all of them to place their free advertisements. Because of this you should have traffic the instant you receive your new Mini-OL website.


You sell the four 468×60 graphic advertisements and keep 100% of the payments.

The stats for views to your Mini-OL website are available to the public. This will create demand for people to buy premium space on your website, which is the four 468×60 graphic advertisements. We provide an easy order form and a place for you to add your PayPal and/or SolidTrustPay order buttons. When the spaces are sold the payment comes to your PayPal and/or SolidTrustPay accounts, and you keep 100% of the payments.

You decide how much you want to sell the space for. An easy order fulfillment function is provided for you to activate a sold advertisement for a certain period of time.

You get the name, email, and telephone number of everyone that joins you from your Mini-OL websites

This creates another great resource for you if you are building your own business opportunity. Anytime someone joins as a free member from one of your Mini-OL websites, you will see their information for contact. You will always get their name and email address, and usually you get the telephone number also. The form tells them to enter their phone number if they want their sponsor to contact them. Most do.



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SiteTalk CashBack

Welcome to SiteTalk CashBack

SiteTalk Cashback is a new way to get rewards doing what you do online anyway.

It’s free to join – free to be a member and you get rewards for being part of the next global online social revolution.

You need to have someone refer you to the site to become a member. If you do not know anyone on


Please join here!













At SiteTalk we believe in giving. Our vision is providing people with an environment, where spending time

online becomes a truly rewarding experience. By being online most people help only companies make

money. Why not change this and start helping yourself and others while doing what you do anyway every




and start make money!





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FREE 250,000,000 Visitors to your website.

FREE 250,000,000 Visitors to your website.
Better than a traffic exchange, a traffic builder!

Imagine the potential sales you could make with that free traffic!

All you have to do is signup and go…




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Super 2×7 Matrix

Καταγραφή 1



Super 2 x 7 is so simple and so easy to really be able to help people change their mindset, and build a better lifestyle with $1.50 out of pocket.
It incorporates a rapid growth 2 x 7 system
Massive Overspill and earnings.

The real magical part is it ONLY COSTS $1.50 ONE TIME OUT OF POCKET to JOIN and provides you with the opportunity to earn $166,931.00

It is simple. Promote and earn or don’t promote and earn!

Super 2 x 7 Matrix is truly amazing! Do not miss this!


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Email 2,7 million target prospects right now with one click!!!

Make only 4 sales a day and make an extra $3000 a month!

Just put one of our pre-made banners on your site, and start earning today!

Sign up one new member a day, and earn $750 a month. Four a day, and you get $3000!


How would you like to get effective email marketing at an affordable price?’s offers effective email marketing which allows you to get the word out for your business with only one push of the button!

Send your ad to over 2.7 million recipients with each blast.

WebTrafficMarketing now offers ExclusiveX2 memberships!

ExclusiveX2 Members will be allowed to mail to the database once every 12 hours!!! provides everything you need, including the newest and fastest email server on the market, the massive email database, and the visual tools you need in order to design an effective email ad.

All this for only a one-time fee of $39.95!

Consistently rated at the Net’s top email marketing service. Click the link below to see full details!

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Instant Money

Start with yourself

1150162_498204540253639_1924525078_n girl

Success starts in your mind and in your way of thinking. If you want to live differently, start thinking differently. You can choose to think that you can or think that you can’t and in both cases you’ll be right. You are already a successful salesperson, but you may not know it yet. To reveal your talent, think thoughts that help you believe that:

In your endless fantasy world everything is possible.
Just like in your fantasy world, the virtual world doesn’t have and cannot have limits.
If you want your Money Tree to blossom in all its glory, start thinking infinitely.
Even the smallest percentage of infinity again and again becomes infinity.
Decisions are not right or wrong. Decisions are more or less effective.
Business and sales are a process. A never-ending process.
Success is the byproduct of a correctly installed method.
Use the appropriate sales method and money will come to you by itself.
Think about opportunities, not problems.
Everything is connected with everything.

Place yourself on a Wave

Placing yourself on a wave means to vibrate at the same frequency as your accomplishments. Never do something when you don’t want to, or only because you think you have to do it. You don’t have to do anything! Only work on the Money Tree when you are in the mood to do so. Even if that’s in the middle of the night. You won’t miss anything and there is always someplace on earth where it’s daytime and that after every wave comes the next wave. And this happens endlessly.

A good salesperson is an effective salesperson, so don’t waste your time with other people’s doubts. You don’t have to prove anything or have to sell anything. Those who have a need will hear you and understand you. Look for likeminded people and give your attention to them.

Remember – sales is a game, a game between a buyer and a seller. Moreover, it’s a game that you can’t lose! But only if you enjoy the process, only if you learn from your experience and only if you are really delighted with your accomplishments.


Sell coupons

You can sell any coupon from the coupon gallery or your own placed coupons.
You can sell coupons to anybody. By selling priced coupons you can gain earnings, and latter you can withdraw them to your personal account.

By selling free coupons you can gain your client network and latter you can offer them any new products you desire to sell.

To start selling first chose a coupon you want to sell then click `Sell coupon` then you will see a link, use this link to promote your clients with this discount coupon. Make sure before promoting that in this link your appear as seller on the left side bar. By selling free coupons you will grow your network size, and gain income if someone on your network also sells coupons. By selling priced coupons you will gain not also your network but real income that you can latter on withdraw to your account.

Start inviting people


Use this link to invite people to join your Money Tree. Every new participant who registers on the “My MoneyBook” portal under your profile becomes a salesperson in your money network and will join your Money Tree trunk’s 1st branch or your sales teams 1st level.

As soon as one of your 1st level salespeople recruits a new participant, they become part of your network’s 2nd level. Your Money Tree grows by itself and you receive money for each new participant, up to and including the 5th level. For example, if you invite 5 new participants, and they each invite 5 participants and they also invite 5 people, your Money Tree already has 125 salespeople, and you receive a salary for each one of them.

Once a member looks at your profile , he is automatically saved to memory, and if you think of the latest member to register a website that participant will be added under your fine network .


Help your Money Tree’s salespeople – your sales team, with information. Support, teach and motivate them to achieve the best results. Remember – your salespeople are like bees that bring you honey! Every one of your Money Tree participants is also earning money for you and if you know how to help one, you at the same time can help many, including yourself.

Learn from others and use others successfully implemented sales methods boldly and creatively. Research and and understand the information available on the portal. Discover what your best salespersons’ experience is and find out what the basis of their success is. Then explain this success to your other salespeople.

Plan and lead your and your team’s work. Take initiative, be your team’s leader, organize your Money Tree sales meetings, telephone and video conferences, chats or tweets. Exchange best experiences and best practices with each other, help each other improve their sales skills and hone your sales tools for the global market and the endless Internet environment.

If you promise something, keep your promise. Be creative and brave. Be natural, be yourself, be the way that you are – friendly and responsive. Use this opportunity for self improvement and smile at it. Also smile when you are talking on the telephone, Skype or chatting. Smile; people will feel it and it will help.



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A Smarter way to use your PC

1 $ everyday for FREE in your account
New Digital World Order, that has never before been seen!!!
FREE Coin Digital Generation Free Software To Make Money.




We are a private international organization.

  • Our main mission is to expand the limits of possibility.

  • Our goal is to create the most powerful super computer in the world by combining the computational power of all computers (this type of computer is used in climate modeling, calculating satellite orbits, bio-mechanics and other areas)

  • What do we need a super computer for?

    We are supporting this interesting and unusual project so that it has the chance to make life on our planet more comfortable and safer. Our main goals are to provide financial support for cutting edge practical research, support developments that for one reason or another will disrupt the status quo (such as alternative fuels or facial recognition software) and to provide support to talented scientists and geniuses. This is needed for us now, our children will need it in the future, and the entire planet will benefit in the future!

What we propose:

  • 1Firstly

    We propose a working relationship where interaction between participants is both natural and relaxed, and reinforced by confidence in the experience and general competence of the management process. We will draw strength for new achievement and progress from the thoroughness and optimism of participants in the project. We invite you to become one of us, become a strong member of our team, move forward, and only forward, with us! Success loves progress!

  • 2Secondly

    We offer you to use the full potential of your computer, which as a rule isnt used as it should be. Every day, in every home with an internet connection cyber-power is wasted, with out benefiting either society or the owner of the computer. And you can see that the cyber-power of modern technology is so great that not using this potential is a tragic waste. We propose using this strength, including using it for development.

  • 3Thirdly

    We offer you the ability to become a participant in a great, in terms of concept and execution. You will also automatically become a full partner of the project.

How profitable can this be?

  • The size of your payment will be directly proportional to the time that our application was running on your computer during the previous month.
  • In our case the more Threads you take up, the higher your income.The minimum standard award is $1 per day ($30 per month) for one running Thread.
  • You can find out more about income via our partner program in the “Affiliate” section, where ways of attracting new users and increasing rewards are described in further detail.

What do we get out of it?

We wont tell you that Altruism is our guiding light. Commercialization is a large part of our project. We should note though that morality, doing whats right, comes first for us, always. We are moved by a passion for new discoveries more than the financial possibilities of modern advancements.

How it works

We are free from prejudice and are open to all who deisre to join us. Working on such a difficult and grandiose project requires 100% effort and working with out making mistakes, everything must go like clockwork. Our experienced team can solve the problems put to them and has developed unique rules for success:

  • Take a KISS approach

  • Flexible when solving problems

  • Transparency and Honesty in business

  • Relationships and partnerships

  • The knowledge that any process and any event takes a certain amount of time to occur

  • A clear understanding that everything is subject to the rules of a business environment

How to become part of the team?

For those of you who decide to become part of our project, as well as to receive a stable income for allowing us to use the processing power of your computer, you must:

  • 1 Register

  • 2 Confirm your registration. In the registration mail you will be given a link to follow.

  • 3 Download our application and install it on your computer. Follow the installation instructions and user guide. If you need to you can find hints on the download page.

  • 4 Buy a connection to a Thread (this is an automated process that is required to completely enter the system and register your payment information, where the money that you earn will be sent). You can chose the payment method that is most comfortable for you. Also you will always be able to change this method at your discretion. For a full list of the payment methods available, please see the Payments page.

  • 5 Carefully read and learn how to use our program. If you have any questions about working with the system, you can likely find the answers in the FAQ.


Take a look at the plan:



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How Much Do You Make Online?

How Much Do You Make Online?

9 times out of 10, the answer is zero or very little.

Do you know why?
Too many scams, false promises and outrageous claims.
You won’t find any of that here.Just the facts and the truth.

Are you struggling to buy the things you need to do business online?
This Is The BEST PRODUCT I’ve come across !!!
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Free TEW Credits – Collect and exchange for graphic design, PLR, PHP Scripts, Hosting & MORE! + FREE Resellers Rights inside! + Credit Store

My name is MIra GRECU and I am JV Memeber of Team Ez Wealth! I have been online for over 7 years , and NOW I am in a position to build a TEAM, and coach that team for SUCCESS!

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As Team EZ Wealth member you have for FREE :
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(All Original Graphics from Graphics Reseller)
*Resellers package with banners and sales tools! You get a sales page just like this with YOUR paypal email embedded in this sales page for 100% INSTANT COMMISSIONS! No Hosting required! All you do is set up your resellers account which is quick and easy! PLUS… get your resellers URL added to the Resellers URL Rotator! Get free traffic from this rotator!



See you on THIS SIDE of SUCCESS!


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Upgraded Members Get FREE Pro Autoresponder Service From Rapid Responder PRO!


Splash Pages WORK – Create Splash Pages FAST & EASY!


Splash Pages work great don’t they?

The way the GRAB your visitors attention – stopping them in
their tracks – and helping you make the SALE!

Yes, I am a fan of splash pages!

AND that is why I am so excited to share with you a new website and service:

Free and Pro services, and the Free account is excellent! No OTO’s or pressure sales. You can use the site for free fully and expand when you want.

We host for you! We have art for you! Many templates and colors!

—>Embed video and HTML!
—> Embed your OPT-In Form!

I hope you will visit – this is a amazing tool for any marketer!



For our Success,







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